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This can be redirected to any page that is in the site...

If you want to be able to share this pic all we will need to do is redirect the picture to a page with only this coupon- either a page or a blog post

There are many options- so that is good!

Currently it is routed to the Other Services Page- But it could also go to a hidden page....

Whatever page that you choose is shareable via email- or nearly any other media


I figure that this page would be the "high- rent district"


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Important to remember that all pictures can be redirected to whatever URL that you want.

Also we can stack widgets anywhere


All pages can have as many (or as few) coupons as you desire.


And- every inch of this site is completely customizable and easily updated.


This theme is built on a platform that will look AMAZING on every device that the end user looks at it on.


Most people use smartphones (studies suggest)


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Tommy :)

(Brookline, MA, 0/14/15) New England quarterback Tom Brady holds his hands with all four of his Super Bowl rings during a ceremony on Sunday, June 14, 2015. Photo courtesy of the New England Patriots

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